Human Perception

The dynamic range in the visible world far exceeds the range of
human vision. But whereas human eyes can adapt to very different brightness levels image sensors of all kind has a fixed dynamic range. The challenge is to adapt the generated image to the human visual system to achieve maximum visibility.

Contrast Enhancement

Our technology is unique, the contrast enhancement is fully adaptive and have the capability to reveal details hidden in local parts of an image. The algorithm is autonomous and act only on those parts of the images that needs to be processed, while at the same time the whole picture is improved. After processing the true structure, both small and weak, can be seen more clearly.
The technology, that is built on ten years of research, is fully automatic. No user interaction is needed. The algorithm finds itself the optimal parameters required. This would otherwise require a lot of manual work, knowledge and advanced imaging techniques.

Noise Suppression

As the image contrast gets better so do also the contrast of the naturally occuring noise in the image. That is why we also have developed our own proprietary, very effective noise cancellation algorithms.

Generalized & Specialized

Beside our proprietary algorithms described above. We also have just about all the more general image processing tools needed. This makes us very flexible customizing specialized processing chains for your specific application. Your images are converted to clear and crisp works of art.


The algorithms are highly optimized and implemented to scale and utilize the power of multiple CPU’s of today and tomorrow. All this is integrated in a powerful and very flexible software package with little 3rd party library dependencies. It’s made for you as a customer to integrate fast and with ease!

Take a look at our examples!  

Demo screenshot