Improve the quality of your dental X-ray products

DentAdapt for Dental X-ray

Dental Radiography is one of the most demanding applications in medical diagnostic imaging because of the combined visualization of very fine structures in dense areas and vague overlapping structures in soft tissue. Additionally implants and prosthesis challenge the image optimization process.

The DentAdapt software product is specially optimized for dental intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric imaging applications.

More accurate diagnosis

The ground breaking proprietary ReAdaptVision software is unique in detecting and analyzing structures in the image pixel by pixel and automatically tunes all image processing parameters in real time by:

  • Enhancing image contrast
  • Enhancing fine structures
  • Suppressing noise
  • Providing a dynamic range compression on the entire image for simultaneously viewing of dense and bright areas

It is done without creating any artefacts. This ultimately allows for a significantly improved image quality.

Reduction of radiation dose

International regulations and ethical rules call for that an optimization of x-ray imaging parameters must be guided by the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable). That means that the dose to the patient should be at the lowest level that still guarantees a reliable diagnostic image quality.

With the help of Readapt Vision’s unique image enhancement technology a reduction of patient exposure is possible and, due to a significantly higher diagnostic image quality, retakes can be minimized.


Clinical benefits

DentAdapt’s unique image processing will result in several clinical benefits:

  • Increased workflow due to less manual adjustments
  • Better visualization of low contrast structures
  • Enhanced fine structures and edges
  • Better simultaneous viewing of bone, soft tissue and implants

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