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Company Overview

Readapt Vision AB is a provider of technology and solutions aimed at improving the visibility and enterpretabilty of senor images from different spectrums. The Company has deep knowledge in both the possibility of state of the art algorthms as well as profound understanding of the human visual system. This combination make us an ideal parten for companies and end-users wanting to enhance the visual experience of sensor images of all kind.


The company was founded on ground-breaking research at the Royal Institute of Technology, based on extensive research in image processing. The products originating from the research are the result of a combine experience of more than 20 years in-depth knowledge in image processing and it application in different sectors.


With focus on cutting-edge technology, Readapt Vision provides innovative solutions helping to improve quality of images for our customers. The product line is built around our groundbreaking proprietary algorithms for image enhancement.



Our vision is to be a global market-leader for software solutions aimed at real-time or near real-time image enhancement.
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